My first blog post!

Hopefully this blog will be more sucessful than my last, I realise saying this is "my first foray into blogging" is not true at all, but I consider this my first serious blog. All the same I'm sure I'll still look back on this in a years time and cringe.

Hopefully I'll keep it updated fairly frequently, mostly with rambling on HTML/CSS and whatever catches my fancy (a little economics may creep in here and there).

You may have noticed this site is a litte ugly (at the very least incredibly basic) and that's something I hope to correct soon, I only started designing it a couple of months ago but it's incredibe what I've learnt in that time (mostly to do with RWD)

Anyway, that's me done for tonight - let's see how long I go before posting again!

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About Me

I'm a web developer (mostly Front end) currently working at Studio 24 (I previously worked for an Essex based company called Intelligent Penguin).

I spend a fair amount of time messing around on the web, I'm reasonably active on Stackoverflow (link above) and I've been known to tweet occasionally.

I started this site primarily as a blog, I find it useful to write about what I learn and that's what I intend to do (hopefully my ramblings are useful to someone)!