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Scorpion is a semi-finished HTML/CSS base framework that I'm currently using for the majority of my work.

I started writing it a year or so ago, I looked into using Bootstrap, but it felt inefficient and difficult to customise to me. So I decided to have a crack at writing my own framework.

Currently Scorpion comprises:

  • normalize 2
  • Base (basic font sizing/spacing)
  • Buttons (basic button styling)
  • Forms (basic form styling, including error/notification styles)
  • Layout (a responsive grid system and some helper classes for layout)
  • Menus (provides some base classes to get you started with vertical/horizontal menus)
  • Tables (basic table styling)
  • Shame.css (A file in which you can segregate any shameful hacks so they can later be remedied)
  • ie8.css (A file for IE8 specific fixes)

You can find out more about Scorpion on its GitHub page

Linkedin Stackoverflow GitHub

About Me

I'm a web developer (mostly Front end) currently working at Studio 24 (I previously worked for an Essex based company called Intelligent Penguin).

I spend a fair amount of time messing around on the web, I'm reasonably active on Stackoverflow (link above) and I've been known to tweet occasionally.

I started this site primarily as a blog, I find it useful to write about what I learn and that's what I intend to do (hopefully my ramblings are useful to someone)!