1. 2015-01-11

    Adding event listeners with JavaScript

    I found myself slightly unsure on how to add event listners in JavaScript (as opposed to jQuery) so decided to do some research on the matter.

  2. 2014-09-02

    The death of YUI and what I feel it reveals about the future of JavaScript libraries

    Yahoo announced last Friday that they are stopping all new development on YUI, what does this say about JavaScript libraries and their future?

  3. 2013-08-18

    Disabling The Ability To Resize a Textarea

    Ever wondered how to stop people from being able to resize a textarea?

  4. 2013-07-02

    Scoped Styles?

    What are they? And how could they be useful?

  5. 2013-06-07

    Links Inside Headings? Or Headings Inside Links?

    Once again when marking up a website today I came accross this problem, it's the not the first time (and definitely not the last) that I've come accross such a problem, so I thought it time to settle this once and for all!

  6. 2013-03-03

    Say hello to the kbd and samp elements

    The first of a few posts about html elements that we don't often use (or sometimes even know exist!)

  7. 2013-01-16

    My first blog post!

    My first foray into blogging (well, properly anyway)!

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I'm a web developer (mostly Front end) currently working at Studio 24 (I previously worked for an Essex based company called Intelligent Penguin).

I spend a fair amount of time messing around on the web, I'm reasonably active on Stackoverflow (link above) and I've been known to tweet occasionally.

I started this site primarily as a blog, I find it useful to write about what I learn and that's what I intend to do (hopefully my ramblings are useful to someone)!